Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

"What cookie, Mom? Gramma didn't give me frosting or a gingerbread cookie...heehee!" The celebrations began Friday with a day of work where we both were served and ate much! Owen and I joined Rog at his work party and enjoyed the company of some fun co-workers and the company owner, Greg, who bragged Roger up about how well he is doing. Believe me, if anyone knows that Roger is a good salesman, it's me! :-)

We left there and sped through wet darkness to Gramma Mama & Grampa Phil's where MB and Grandma Mimi already were. Saturday was a day of relaxing, taking pictures of Owen, and eating good food. None of us made it through the movie that was started around 9:30 pm, but we woke refreshed on Sunday morning. We opted for going for a run in the woods, eating a hearty breakfast ham-bake, and opening gifts rather than head to church. There was an afternoon service that the others went to, but Roger, Owen and I drove back to MN to be with the Reger's for Christmas eve. None but Jack appreciated Owen's new Favre jersey (Go Packers!) that he arrived wearing. I sure got a kick out of the reaction! Sorry Grampa Steve! The rest of the evening was full of more wonderful food, laughter, singing, and, of course, the dice game. Owen has so much fun when there are lots of people...he cried only when we had to leave. He too sang and played very hard.

We are so blessed...can one say that too much? Tomorrow the festivities continue with the Reger "immediate" family in the morning and the Bakke's in the afternoon. Whew! Jesus, we sure know how to celebrate your birthday! I feel that Owen's first Christmas has been focused on the blessings of health, life, love, and family...all that He has given us.

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