Friday, December 22, 2006

Jenn came over and had a little Christmas cheer with us tonight. She gave Owen his "Baby's First Santa hat" and threw him around a bit. He smiled and giggled until he got too tired and then headed to bed so "mommy" and Jenn could do some catching up. I can't believe it is Friday...finally. We travel to Wisconsin tonight but sadly head back Sunday. However, it will be good to be able to spend Christmas with both sides of the family this year. I am exhausted, but can say that today will be all right. Everyday is a new day to say that.

I will have my meeting for my Masters capstone after the holidays and have already distributed my copies of three chapters to my comittee, but it hit me like a ton of bricks just yesterday what I need to revise about it...this too will get done someday. In three or four months, I will be able to say, "the work for my Masters degree is done." Pluggin' through. Sometimes, life feels that way. I hate pluggin' along. I want to skip and hop through life. My goal in life has been, "never get stressed out," since leaving college. I don't think I have succeeded with that. How do you control things you have no control over though? Why do I worry?
Note to self: Stress...or Santa hats and baby smiles!

Forgive me, Lord, and bless us this day with Your love and peace that is abundant and sufficient.

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