Monday, December 25, 2006

We made it home! Whew, what a weekend! Owen had so much fun, but he grew very tired. We had a little fun with our new toys, but he made it to bed at a reasonable time.

Here he is: playing, playing playing. He was grabbing, pulling, turning, pushing, and kissing all his toys. He especially likes the ones that make noise. Thanks everyone!
Our family Christmas photo this year: we could not have asked for more or better celebration. Our thoughts go out to those we could not share it with and those who are far from home this holiday season. Namely Julie and Lori, who are with those they love, and Karina Beth, who is waiting...being stuck in a hospital bed on Christmas morning with no one. She did say the nurses were good to her and brought her great food! :-) I said, "see, there is something good about it
all!" Karina, it
will all be worth it when these little girls come into the world...beautiful like their mom. I still say you have no idea what you are in for: 4 kids under the age of three! I pray best of blessings and tons of luck come your way.

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