Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer time fun...

Yes...I have more to blog about our trip, but I'd thought I'd catch up on since we've been back.
It's been rough. I was not motivated until yesterday to clean my kitchen and laundry finally got done yesterday. We got the lawn mowed today, and we are halfway through burning a branch that had fallen right before the trip. Uncle jack came and cut it up, but there were pieces that needed to be broken down a bit more to fit in the pit. Half way...

I got all our pictures from the trip uploaded to the internet to start my Heritage Makers book...stay tuned to see that one! :-)
What I did do this week???
I played:

We did picnic at the park and played...

We munched our way through the heat and humidity...

We started swimming lessons too!
After the first night, Owen didn't want to go back because he didn't want to get his face wet...
We convinced him to go a second time because Granny Nanny and Gramma Mimi came to watch.
I know he loves it, so I won't let him talk me out of it.

He works hard and wants to please...Gabby and I are taking a class's kind of dumb and there are so many kids in the class with their parents that it's kind of useless...but, I would not be able to keep her out of the water to watch brother take his lessons so we go at the same time.her favorite part so far? Singing a teddy bear song and then jumping in...
I am glad it is not everyday so we are not rushed to go through that routine for a few weeks and then wonder what to do...
Yesterday I took the kids to the outdoor pool to get some sunshine and stay cool

We get to pack a lunch too!!
Owen practiced "swimming," floating, and putting his face in the water.
He is such a pleaser that he does this on his own
All Gabby says is, "no help! don't hold me!"
She sometimes gets in over her this a sign of what's to come?

Yesterday we took the "longest bike ride ever" to Nanny's house (5 "blocks" away...or a bit longer).
This is probably not the safest thing I've done, but I had to capture the moment.
I don't know how the video ended up sideways, but I couldn't rotate it.
sorry about that!

More to come on trip...

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