Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back Home, but more to tell...

Mornings in California were cool, but that is okay because as soon as the sun breaks through, the days could not be more perfect! It took Gabby a few days to get over the constant noise and pounding of the waves, but after a bit, she relaxed and...

had fun playing and, of course,


pushing her brother around.

Owen screamed and yelled at and chased the waves for days...
He was enamored with the water, the ocean, the sand, the rocks, the sunsets...all of it!

I can never take for granted our opportunities and the joy my kids have in simple things...even Owen's bestest friend: Bear-B (he told me how to spell that) :-)

I want them to know that there is such a big world out there and that the street we live on, the school we go to, the stores we shop at...those are not always a reflection of all there is.
I want them to know that life doesn't have to work out one way...
You can have expectations, but if it doesn't turn out that way, there are a million options, opportunities to grab, places to live, people to meet, other streets to walk, beauty in creation to see...

My boy grew so much during this trip. A bit taller? A bit leaner?

That's not what I noticed.
He's braver...
He's funnier...

He's more name a few.
He's in love with the two most important girls in his life: Mommy and Sister.

I have never been so desperately loved by anyone...
(don't worry...I've already told Roger about this and
Roger would be a goof to not notice Owen's affection for his momma.)

The purest, sweetest, most needy love.

And for Gabby? The most nurturing, protective love that I hope only grows.
I will protect that for as long as they are in my life and I in theirs.
Yet another man showed Owen another side to life:

Mario taught Owen some soccer moves,

how to pick up the largest rocks and throw them at the waves,

and all about surfing.

This is the boy who won't let me take him into the "deep" end at LTF...It rarely gets deeper than 4 feet there, but Owen let Mario take him out into the Pacific Ocean, out past all the other surfers!
One of the few times during this trip my little boy let go of me...


Proud Mommy!

To be continued...(I'm working on getting another video on here but it's taking too long!)

There are so many more pics of Xavi...
(ignore the black blur through the photo; Owen was trying his hand at photography and the dumb strap ended up in the picture. :-)

And much more to say about those we shared all this with in CA!

**But...there is more to CA than I can say in one night!
Good to be back at home so stay tuned for more!


MaryM said...

We watched Owen grow up before our very eyes! He is braver, stronger and can bike and swim now! What fun.

The Canadian said...