Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fun in the Midst of Challenge...

Auntie Julie's Birthday!
We slept in a bit
this morning after someone (Little Miss Gabby)
had a fitful night's sleep. She tossed and turned and cried out for "momma!"
Perhaps she is worried about Gramma Momma.
Gramma Momma's RA pain escalated yesterday and it never subsided.
She and Grampa went to get it checked out and Dr's found infection.
She stayed the night last night, and we've had to go visit her because she can't be here.
She is sad, but we know God has her where she is supposed to be...just like Grampa.

Bikes and parks, swings and slides; we have been able to have a fun,
relaxing day even though we miss her.
We pray for a good prognosis and for her to feel better.

In the meantime, Grampa's girls are taking good care to make him smile.
They even lean in for hugs and kisses...

with a never-ending supply of goofy grins.

Today Owen said, "When am I going to see Daddy?"
I don't think a 5-year-old can yet understand the duration of time, hours vs. weeks.
He's learning. I promised we'd call so he could talk.
We miss you, Daddy! Give yourself lots of hugs for us!

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