Friday, July 08, 2011

Another day...

Soaking up sun, love, snacks and "poc-icles,"
we are still hanging out in Colorado and enjoying ourselves.
We've taken time to just BE, go slowly, read a book or two,
and even go out for ice cream!

Another day so busy that Owen fell asleep by 7...
Two nights in a row.
I am not complaining.
On the contrary, he fell asleep tonight without having dinner.
Now that's a tired boy! No...That's a tired Owen.
But doesn't it look like fun

Gramma Momma has been feeling much better and was let out of the hospital to celebrate Julie's birthday and to spend time with all of us...
On the condition that she would return twice a day for her IV fluids/antibiotics.
If the culture is negative tomorrow, we are free to leave...
Owen will be sad to leave but excited to see what else we have planned!
The highlight for Owen so far?
T.O.'s pump track!

Owen started out slow a couple days ago, but now he is cruisin'!
We started calling him Boomba McQueen--he's so proud!

(You'd have to know him to understand his "boomba" language and he has a close connection to Lightning McQueen...what 5-year old does not know LM?)

I took a video of him riding two days ago,
but he's gotten so much better...I won't post it.
I'll get a good one tomorrow!

Grampa even took a turn!
Now...does this look like a guy who was let out of the hospital less then a week ago?

workin' his way around...

But turn did him in and he realized he needed to take a breather.
We can at least tell his doctor that he is building that strength back up!

I am glad to be here...we all are.
We know God has a plan and will take care of us.
Kinda like Grampa takes care of his little ones...

And he takes good care of me!

Our hearts are good...
a rainbow between the camper and the mountains reminds us of God's promises.

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The Canadian said...

Looks like u guys r having a super fun trip! Hope your folks r feeling good and r on the mend!!