Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Someone must be praying for me...My heart is in a good place...

The last day or two of our travels have been good for me.
The kids are getting into the groove,
we are not rushing or moving too fast,
we are trying to relax.
Why is that so hard for our family?

Why can't we take notes from a boy:
Find something simple in nature and let it occupy our heart, mind, and attention for hours...

Share that joy with others..."tickle it"

And feel accomplished when we do something we enjoy...
feel fulfilled to be in a new place or learning more about life from our experiences...
and being taller than Grampa!

Find a new path and explore just for the heck of it...
why do we say we "don't have time" to do simple things?

Why can a 5-year-old find so much enjoyment at a rest stop
yet we rarely take the time to stop and rest?
We adults think we've experienced so much.

Toys don't have to be new and rocking horses don't have to be pink plastic.
Yards don't have to have grass to be fun for all.

Skies don't always stay blue on a clear day, but the fun does not have to stop if it rains.
Cool mornings do not mean cool days.

If you want to wear all means, that is up to you!
If you want to wear dresses everyday...that is up to you too!
If you want to wear pajamas one day and dress up the next...that is up to you as well!

Some times you have to stop, look around, and absorb your surroundings
to realize how happy you truly are...
Other times...

Your happiness is in motion, and all you want to do is jump and dance and sing out of key at the top of your lungs (in your car, of course).
By all means, do it.
Don't wait for vacation because vacations end.
You have to go home after vacations and keep doing what you were trying to get away from.
Don't say you are busy...say your life is full.
If you can't get together with someone, your life is full.
Don't tell them you are too busy.
But you better try your darndest to fill your life with things you want to be doing.

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The Canadian said...

Well said!!!