Sunday, September 23, 2007

This weekend we were so busy! We drove 4 hours to Great Grampa Howard's house to help him move a bunch of stuff out of his house. He gave my dad a lot of stuff...a lot! Much of it may be tossed, but the real treasure came when Great Grampa Howard brought out three 1st editions of Jonathan Edward's writings. They are beautiful!Owen had just as much fun with the walking stick that Great Grampa Howard made. I guess each walking stick takes 40 hours to make!
Here's the trailer: almost all packed up. No, that is not sweat around Owen's collar from lifting so many boxes (the rest of us did that while gramma momma was on Owen patrol)'s water that spilled when he tried to take a swig from his momma's refreshment. He also found that if you throw the water bottle off the porch, it rolls down the driveway!
Daddy had to take frequent breaks just so Owen could get his hugs and high-fives from papa!
Nothin' special here...just self inflicted! :-)
Whew! It's exhausing being gramma! Actually, this is when Owen was "trying" to have a temper-tantrum to get more didn't work because it was so incredibly fake that we all laughed. He stopped and gramma momma comforted him. He was fine in the end!

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