Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last weekend was part of our recent whirlwind life...we travelled to Gramma & Grampa's in WI. Owen barely made a peep on Saturday morning and Gramma and Grampa were in his room, swept him up, and gave him all the attention one little boy could get. He didn't even mind! Good thing we studied their pictures on our 5 hour drive that ended up taking 6 hours because of construction!
One big change has left Owen missing his Auntie Emmy a lot: she moved to take a job with Standard Process in WI...she now lives 4 miles from our childhood home on Woodland Wonderland Court. Her cottage is the darndest, most cutest little place ever! Not to mention she has her dream job and gets to have mom and dad over for dinner whenever they'll come! hmpf! She knew we were coming, though, and was over by 8 in the morning. She and Owen sipped some water at his little picnic table; she helped him drink from a big-boy glass...but he wanted to do it all on his she had to take a swig from the sippy cup when he wouldn't share anymore!

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