Friday, April 26, 2013

Winter in Springtime??

Why do we live here?
The answer is easy.
Sure, we could move somewhere warm where we have OTHER family, 
but we started a root system here where there is also family.
That is a good enough reason.

I know I take it for granted 
(because I don't know anything different)
that I have people who can come over anytime, any day.
I have a dedicated, loyal, & eager babysitter (Nanny), 
she doesn't charge us either!
a 15-year old "in-training" babysitter (Katy),
can't beat $2/hour/kid!
a late-night babysitter (gramma mimi!), 
nope, no charge, done out of love!
church family that loves watching our kids grow...already,
extended family that invites us to all their parties and gatherings 
(Abelers, Regers, Enfield & Bakke Clans!), 
and cousins who just love to party (LuLu girls, Lukas & Landon...!).
And there's more--
loving volunteers at church and
workers at the health club love my kids too!
Our home doesn't even keep us here because 
we could have a different house just down the street 
or across town and still be happy.
And...another positive side of living here:
That's when I finally can get my house clean!
The kids can "love" the snow for one more day...

and love each other just a bit more because...
the irony that fights draw us closer at times!
And, being cooped up all winter, the kids have bonded like crazy!
Fighting like enemies but loving like best of friends!
And, a little face to giggle from the "bleachers,"
But today????!!!!!
Almost 70 degrees and sunny!
The snow will melt...finally!
Sunny and warm tomorrow...
the sun will come out tomorrow...
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
there'll be sun...just thinking about

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