Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby giant leaps

My little guy makes me smile, but I can't believe how big he is already.
Me and my brother!
When Owen was a baby, I was afraid of him getting big...
because I didn't know that every stage was just as fun
(along with new challenges, of course!)

But, with Gabby, I knew what the next stage was
so I was not so worried about her growing.

Perhaps I wished things too quickly with her...
(if you can't tell from the video, she is pretending to be a chiropractor...she calls this "doctoring" and I get adjustments more often than I generally  need!  :-)
Now, with Liam, I have caught myself afraid 
that I am not savoring "this stage" enough.
Mom got her hair cut!  Now I can't grab so easily...

I am so much better (or getting better) about stopping, hugging, sitting,
loving, playing, squishing, talking, smiling, tickling,
and all that fun stuff that you do with babies.

Me and my dad!
It kind of makes me remember to stop and enjoy all my kids
in the stage and manner they are right now
"I found my toes!"

right now.
no now.
Time goes so fast!!!!!!!!!

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Catie said...

I just love your little 3! I need to hug Liam again soon :)