Monday, April 01, 2013

Just a few from Easter

 I took the kids to get haircuts and 
I asked Deb what she would do with Liam's little mop.
She worked her magic and didn't charge me.
She cleaned up the little guys comb-over and mullet--
in some places, she said she took an inch!
 I have a couple of kids who don't like to dress up.
If Owen wears a collared shirt with something other than sweatpants, 
he's dressed to the nines!
If Gabby wears a dress and keeps barrettes in her hair,
she's all dolled up!
 So when I got them as dressed up as they'd get,
I said, "now get on the couch with baskets and smile!"
Granted, Owen is wearing shorts and 
Gabby is wearing mismatched pants under her pretty dress.
At least the barrettes stayed in until Sunday school!
Then...we had lunch at the Hall's!
 Everyone took turns with the little man...
Liam had a really good time with Poppa Steve...
They chatted and giggled like no one's business.

 You should have heard Poppa giggle!
(I'll get the video up when I get home!)
 SOME even fought over who could hold him while I ate...
(Katy and Nanny!)
I smile...
Then, yes, the Easter bunny made yet another trip...

 Liam got a sand bucket with some goodies in it.
 The other kids got a bit more, but no candy!
Well, one chocolate bunny, but that was it!
Very proud of that bunny!
It was a bit cold for Easter, but we took a walk regardless.
 Fresh air and moving my body was just what I needed.

Somebody got to just chill and take a nap!
Bit by bit, more grass is showing.
Owen seems to be counting each blade of grass that emerges.
It's soooooo hard to be patient!

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