Monday, April 01, 2013

Pretty Little Liar

The other day I heard Gabby telling her cousin a story:
"My friend at school, she's two.
Her names Becca and she is my mom's cousin..."
That's what I remember her saying, but it seemed to take her 5 minutes to tell that story.
I don't remember what about Becca or what happened, 
but I do know this:
Gabby is a true story teller!
She doesn't go to school-she goes to daycare.
Her friend at daycare that's two is named Annabelle, not Becca.
I don't have a two-year old cousin.
I don't have a cousin named Becca.
I don't know where she pulled all that from.
I am in so much trouble.
Good thing her lies are obvious now...

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Tonya said...

This story makes me giggle! You are going to have your hands full, though seems to me you'll also have a creative sort in your midst. Who knows, maybe she'll be a great author! :)