Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something to smile about...

Owen loves holding his baby brother.
He picks him up, carries him around, makes him smile, 
and enjoys it!
Liam is not as leery of Owen as he is of Gabby.
Maybe that's because GAbby has a bit more jealousy.
She loves him and wants to help, but
at the same time, she wants the attention he gets.

She too wants to hold him but would just as soon 
throw him off her lap
and/or bonk him on the head.
We have to watch that girl!
Or...just love her as much as we can and give her what she needs/wants so badly.
It's so hard for me when she starts "demanding" attention:
she whines and whimpers like she thinks a baby does,
she puts on her own diapers,
she walks and falls like she's just learning how,
and...she sometimes talks in stunted and stinted sentences.
Forced regression on her part to the max.
I sigh.
Back to loving her more and middle and my girl.
And then there's...
Sweet Little One
I am so blessed with such a precious, low-key, content little boy.
He hangs out and only yells if he's ignored too long...
but that is because he loves to smile and giggle and that's more fun 
than looking at or playing with a bunch of swinging toys
or sucking on fingers or stuffed animals that squeak.
I would have to agree.
I joke with the kids that Liam wins the award...
but that's only because he hasn't started talking (back),
whining, yelling, running around,
messing up the house, throwing his food,
wiping his hands on the couch or wall (whichever is closest),
or disobeying...
Oh...I can wait for that...for just a bit longer!
Once again, how much can I love...and show it!

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