Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visit With Gramma Mae

I think we all take the older generations for granted.
I am 34 and still feel 21...
will I always think I am young(er)?

These pictures are of Grandma Mae...
She is 94 and tries to converse, serve, walk about...
but she does need help.
What age does she think like?
She talks a bit loud and can't hear too well.
She is not as balanced as she once was, 
but I wonder if she feels younger than she really is...
It made me happy that little Liam could make her happy.
I hear that older people who have family around live longer and are healthier than people who are isolated or not close to family.
I think young people keep the older ones young as well...
Smiling so much has got to add years to one's life!
Grandma Mimi will be on her way back up to the cold tomorrow!
We can't wait to see you Gramma Mimi!!!
Want to babysit?????
Liam sleeps as well as the other two--you'd handle it great!
How about a trip to Wisconsin first?
Yes, you fit in the car and are very welcome to come with!

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