Thursday, February 07, 2013

Love and Smiles...

Owen said the other day that he wanted to "chub Liam's cheeks."
I smiled.  My son turned a noun into a verb.
But yes, I understand.
Liam has filled out, just like I expected.
Gabby and Owen took very little time as babies to fill out.
I'm telling you:  there is nothing like hugging a squishy baby.

"Comfort & Joy"
So warm, so cuddly.
So wonderful. So precious.
And now, I get the smiles and giggles and coos too!!!

"Hi Mom!"
Between snuggling and smiling, not much in the world could possibly be better.

Except for that my littlest one has given me a whole week of 7-9 hour stretches of sleep at night.
Now, you have to understand.  It is HIM that sleeps that long. 
I still wake up waiting for him to need me.  Want me.
Or, I feel as though I have to do "just one more thing" before going to bed.
Then I end up staying up til 10 or so...on a school night! Yikes!

There is no shortage of arms to hold and love to give.
I've found new encouragement in telling myself that this is just a hard time in life,
but I really don't want it to pass TOO quickly.
I don't think we'll have any more babies. 
I love having a baby.
But, there's more to having a baby 
than just sitting around and squishing all his squishiness.

My body is not my own.
My time is rarely my own.
The demands of this part of my life make it hard,
but once again I'm in awe of the irony that I want this life.
I want to be a mother and caregiver and teacher and provider of so much.

I also know that I love working.
It's hard to be so many things and to do them well.
But I am actually thankful that I have not given up my role as school teacher.
This is just a hard time in life.
Not hard in an unhappy way.
Just complicated and busy.

But I am also convinced that we choose to fill our lives up with things
and activities and outings and clubs and meetings, etc...
If we don't like being so busy, take something out.
Say no once in awhile.

Remember what's important and what's the purpose of this life.
God gives and God takes away.
God gives me each day and what I do with it should always aim at his gift to me.
His gift of a day.
Tomorrow is not given yet.
Be careful of what you do with today.

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Gramma Mama said...

Liam's smile is soooooo sweet! Glad you have such a happy boy.