Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big and Little...trouble?

 She doesn't want help.
She wants help.
She wants TO help.
She doesn't want to help.
Middle child angst already evident...
 I am trying...to give her what she needs.
Especially since she's my only girl.
Maybe that's all the more reason to give her more than I think she needs...
Little guy, on the other hand, is easy.
He's fun.
 I can honestly say that I am enjoying him, all his warmth and squishiness.
His giggles, coos, snuggles, and yes, his itty bitty demands.
He's happy and not too serious.
He's entertaining and sweet.
He's so responsive and alert.
 and yes, he has a few of my facial expressions...
see the creased brow...already!  :-)
 And he actually works hard at tummy time.
He doesn't even cry...
My 61/2 year old still panics when things don't go his way,
when people don't do the right thing,
or when he makes a mistake...for the most part.
He always was like this.
Ask me about the spilled water when he was 1...
but Liam?
I have a feeling he's never going to take me seriously.
My goofball?
I'll smile now while it's still cute!


Gramma Mama said...

Haha! little fluffy head. He is adorable.

Mary Beth Melendez said...
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Mary Beth Melendez said...

I'm gonna squeeze you Liam! Just you wait..