Saturday, February 16, 2013

Popcorn toots and playtime...

 I've been back to work for three weeks now and I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm happy.  There is much as can be expected...
But, I've learned that as soon as something seems routine,
it changes.
I can handle it...bring it on!
 I AM sick of this winter though.
Maybe because I was stuck inside recovering.
Maybe because I have cooped up kids!
They are crazy!
 But at least they have each other!
 Liam is my buddy though.
We hang out...
And now Owen is loving making Liam smile and giggle.

 And then there's Gabby...she puts plates on her brother's head...
He's rarely this serious!
"Mom, do I look pretty?" "Gabby, You ARE pretty!"
Caught at the beginning of a big smile...yep, two teeth on top gone!
So what does "popcorn toots" mean?
Well, one time when Momma had some gas, Owen said so seriously,
"It smells like popcorn."
First bath time together!
Since then, any strange smell is a "popcorn toot."

Pink boy with tan boy--can you guess who's who?
The other night I "dropped something" in their room 
when I was saying good night.
Owen asked, so seriously, "did you leave me a popcorn toot?"
I smile.

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Gramma Mama said...

I would love the bathtub picture! Little Liam sure is a pink baby!