Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Growing Boy!

So my precious third child is already getting the shaft!
Well, not really.
I just have really not been good about posting about him as I did with the other two.
But, between having sick kids, getting sick myself, and going back to work,
I have no energy to even email, let alone post pictures!
This little one is so loved!

Gabby is one of his biggest fans, but he has learned to be cautious when she comes around.
He gives her the look that pleads,
"please don't bonk my head or pinch my belly again!"

But what can he do?
He's two months!
And a big boy at two months he is!
Over 13 pounds and as chubby as I expected him to get!
I call him my squishy little bundly, my chubby goodness, my lovey-dovey little chubby boy.
It is the only time in life that one can get away with 
rubbing and pinching squishiness and call it love, true love!
This picture was when Grampa was up in the middle of January...
My little boy has grown soooo much just since then!
Gramma Mimi!  He's going to be so big by the time you come back!

And then there is my other "big boy."
Owen...my sweet boy.
Makes me laugh...

And yell and cry and get so stinking mad!
Kids...gotta love em, hey?
I sigh...
I smile...again.

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