Thursday, September 01, 2011

One last summer get-away with the camper!

 We zipped over to the dells/devil's lake area for a night at a really fun campground!
It was one night, but we sure packed it all in!
Owen spent a few hours jumping in, "swimming," splashing, and having a blast!
 When Gabby got too cold in the water, she had fun on some playground equipment.
 Owen kept on splashing...

 He roped Grampa into helping too!
 Gramma also made a splash!
 There were lots of bikes to try out...
 Frogs to be found...
The tiniest frog I've ever seen!

 a giant bouncer for kids of all ages!

 lots of fun on this big "pillow"

The next morning, the kids found me and came to cuddle...

 I love it that Owen makes friends so easily! :-)

 More fun for Gramma???

 Yes, and teasing one another...

 and showing off some mad skills!

 Owen and his little friend played, rode, jumped, bounced, sat, held hands, and even went fishing.
 The actual trampoline had a net and basketball hoops so you could spend  hours in there!
 And then home again.  It was quick but oh so fun.

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