Saturday, September 17, 2011

The last of summer...already two weeks ago!

There are few times as good as times with Lukas and Landon...
The "maze" is a favorite place to go!

They started Kindergarten this year too!
When Gabby can't keep up...
she's occupied...for a little while...
Ever since learning the song, "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear," 
Gabby calls any teddy bear "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear."
So when we went to see The Teddy Bear Band play at an old farm,

it was an extra special day!
Dancing, singing, playing, and even seeing a real, live teddy bear!
(that Gabby was terrified of)

Very different life my kids have than I had...
I didn't have to go visit a farm and take a tour to play with goats and chickens.
And then...
Owen's second time on a boat!
The water was so calm and the day was clear.
We all took at least one dip...
and at least one ride on the tube!
Then while Gabby and I hung out with Luke...
Owen took another ride with Jenn!
Don't wasn't me driving!
Mark did the navigating!
When Mark went faster, Owen relaxed into jenn.
She later told me that she loved how he felt so relaxed, 
but she had to hold on tight to hold them both on.
Then Owen got to steer!
Yes, it was haircut day the next day!
We took a "field trip" to the dam again and found a new path.
Lots of people fishing, but no frogs to be found.

 Owen did as much climbing as a little boy needs to...

Aunt Karen, can you spot something in this last picture?

And then...summer was done.
We had a few nice days and now our heat is officially in use.
I love sweater weather, but I hate being cold.
Maybe I should go pull those sweaters out of storage.
You people in warm climates...I bet you don't have one wardrobe in storage at all times.  
Jealous?  heehee

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The Canadian said...

Love seeing the pics of your happy little guys!! :) I also love sweater weather, but hate being cold....lucky for us the weather man has promised a few more precious days of warmish weather before the cold really takes hold here....