Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Basketball anyone??

There was a time we thought Owen just might make a great basketball player.
Just take a look at this post.
And now?
Oh, I think he could have mad skills, but how much organized sports can one 5 year-old take?

He shot when they told him to, he played the games they organized, and he ran when they said to run. But there were always distractions...

Like his biggest fan and cheerleader: Sister!

or the new shoes he just got...
or the bugs...
or Mom taking pictures!

oh, he'll be alright...
He made it all the way around the world!

I can understand distractions, though.
Gabby was working quite hard at her distractions a few times.

So what if the ball is too big to do a figure-8?

He still has many good years ahead of him...right?
I smile...

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