Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun with Dad!

My kids' dad does lots of fun things with them...
plays ball,
goes to the park,
goes to movies,
kicks the ball,
plays tornado or helicopter 
(basically spins them around until they get really dizzy),
and can think of lots of fun games.

But lately, this is the kids favorite:

I never knew that my kids would learn about "jumping from the top rope" 
or about elbow smashes
or championship belts...

The kids also have loved the game of, 
"you can't get me!"

**Here's a quote I heard from someone today:
"I cleaned my house yesterday. Too bad you weren't here to see it"
Just in case you happened to be too focused on my mess to see how much fun the kids are having!


The Canadian said...

I love hearing the laughter!! LOVE IT!!

Gramma Mama said...

You can't get me! My favorite game.