Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm not a fan of using food/sugar to shut up a screaming kid.
It's actually the LAST thing I would do...
However, how do you tell others NOT to do this for your kids?

For example: the local Mexican establishment...our favorite!
Gabby was screaming for a "treat" because they are sitting on the counter as we were leaving.
I almost had her out the door and the waiter/manager ran after us with blow-pops for each of the kids. He even has to go out the door to give one to Owen.
I had said, "no thank you," but he insisted.
What could I say after he comp-ed a drink and gave us extra salsa?

He meant no harm...ugh

So I had to explain to the kids that there was gum in the middle of these blow-pops and if they chose to indulge, that would be all for the day...
Owen thought about it.
Then came up with this:
"Then this is GOOD for me since it has gum in it!"

Shucks! Another method backfired!
When I was trying to get Owen to realize that he loved chewing
and wasn't really hungry, I substituted gum...
Now he thinks gum is health-food.

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