Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it a Good thing...?

Nearly everytime...I come back from errands, a date with Daddy,
or just running home to get something,
Owen asks: "Can we stay a bit longer? Do we have to go home? Now? Later?"

The other day, the so-called "going away pizza party" in preparation for our trip, we arrived back from our "mommy & daddy" time together before I was to take the kids away from Roger for three weeks, and what do I hear?
"Mom! We are not leaving, are we?"

It's always a good time at Nanny's and even better when all the cousins come.
And even better when there are marshmallows involved!

We are so lucky...

Not necessarily to have access to marshmallows...

But the closeness of friends and family.

I give in...not up...
We are the lucky ones.

Marshmallows and Graham Crackers are not necessary to earn their love,
but I would not trade this back deck for another set of in-laws.

With sticky fingers and chocolate saved for later,
We think of Gramma and Grampa...on their way...soon.
Three nights in a hospital bed may be too long for the busy-bodies they are.
Get well soon Grampa! We love you too!

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