Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last weekend we were quite busy and I found myself putting off doing the dishes.
They piled up so fast that I had to load the dish washer and then do a whole sink full by hand as well...both times! How does that happen?

For the past two days now, I have been able to keep a handle on the dishes. I have actually had them washed or loaded after each meal. Amazing! I know!

However, I realized why my sink fills up so fast:
We go through four knives just to butter four pieces of toast at breakfast.
I guess we all like to lick our own knives after we are done...or while we butter (Gabby!).
I have no regrets about becoming a teacher. I won't ever complain about the money because I make as much, if not more, than the average American. My earning potential is not what other professions are, but I get to hit "reset" for a few short months every summer!
That alone keeps me sane...and happy!

Today we met my dear friend's boyfriend for the first time.
He was a good sport finding snails for Owen down by the river and letting her go climb the ropes with Owen for a bit. So happy she has her summer to spend with him!
Thank you Jesus for summer fun, friends, Chipotle, and all the other blessings we forget to mention!
Like kids' haircut places! And suckers to keep them focused!

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