Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Smile...

Owen made me laugh the other day:
He was telling me how he wanted to get some new CARS from the movie?
King, the Green one...Chic (how do you spell that?)...and Lightning McQueen.
"Mom, you can get them at Target...
you have to go in the blue door...
You go in the blue door for toys and the green door for food."
"Oh, Owen! Your two favorite things!"
I am excited that my boy likes bugs.
He collects them in a jar, a box, a can, his hands...
The other day I had to tell him why his caterpillar wasn't moving anymore.
"But, Mom...there were holes in the jar."
I couldn't tell him that the manhandling must have done the little guy in.

When I take the kids hiking...or just wandering in the woods...
Owen tells me there has to be lots of trees.
We can't go where the sun is.
"It has to be dark, Mom!"
Gabby is not a fan of collecting bugs, but she wants to tickle them.
She wants to tickle toads, caterpillars, spiders, dogs...
I can't believe my boy was 5 a few days ago.
This time, 5 years ago...I was a new mom.

(These were trails at my Mom and Dad's...what a place...what a paradise!)

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