Monday, May 23, 2011

Cuddles, anyone?

I have a cuddler!
She snuggles in and wiggles her little booty, tucks her legs,
rests her head and says, "cuddle, momma?"
How can I resist? I never do...I promise!

Mother's Day was a day full of snuggles and cuddles...
from both my kids!
Owen is just getting to the age when he says,
"stop taking pictures, mom"

And Gabby's just starting to get to the stage
where she is saying "cheese" every time I take out my phone.

I even catch her snuggling with Daddy and Brother! they were actually just hiding and I found them like this.
Made me smile.

The way these two play together makes me so happy.
Owen speaks so tenderly and tries to teach Gabby things.
Then he gets frustrated because Gabby toots her own horn,
marches to her own beat...
Owen's a bit sensitive...and Gabby is showing her feisty self!
Feisty...Owen laughs when I say that.

I am getting this feeling that Gabby is going to be a show-off.
Allow me to try to explain the paradox my children are:
Owen has never been compliant, but he is afraid to break the rules.
He so wants to please...

Gabby is compliant and obedient, but she does it with a saunter.
A nod. A slyness I can't explain.
I have a feeling that Owen will not get into trouble...
Gabby will cause the trouble...or look for it...or want it...

My sweet make me smile...but I'm on to you!
It's easy to be demand obedience.
I spend the majority of the day with 13/14 year olds...
I know what I will be dealing with if I don't!

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