Saturday, January 09, 2010

I KNOW I KNOW! I have to update with Christmas pictures but I had to share today's "crafty" Saturday! I had a bored child so I had him lie down on one of the big boxes we got from Christmas and I drew his outline...we did Gabby too. It was Owen's idea to put the Packer jerseys appropriate! should we hope that Vikings and Packers play again at the dome???
I couldn't convince Owen to get in the picture right away and in this one...Gabby is about to walk away! Yes, I had to take off shirts so I could do their outline! But I guess it is not a rare occurrence to see my kids with little on when at home...after is home!
Other "projects" we did to stave off boredom:
*tye-dyed/crumple-dyed coffee filters with food coloring
*glued seeds, beans, peas, and rice to construction paper
*practiced coloring/scribbling with a magic marker that makes the color suddenly appear
*practiced using scissors that Gramma Momma sent
We didn't take pictures of those...
Fun times on this COLD Saturday!

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MaryM said...

What a wonderful, creative Mommie you are! It is fun to see what you come up with to keep Owen busy! Is he in Awana yet?