Friday, January 01, 2010

DECEMBER 23rd...
On Little Girl's actual birthday, we dressed in candy-can stripes and went to see Santa and play with some friends...
We started out quite happy and grateful to begin a week or two where Little One could be with her momma and not have to go to daycare...Gabby has this thing with men...or men with facial hair...or men she doesn't know...she cries, screams, and gets away as fast as she can...a good habit to be in, I guess. :-)
So we watched brother go talk to Santa, ask for Gordon and a puppy (again), and pose for a picture...
But when it came time for her turn...she was NOT havin' it!
Am I such a horrible mother to want a picture of my little girl with Santa????
Oh, she'll thank me someday...won't she?
So, what did I do? I showed her that he wasn't so bad and that if you are appropriately chaperoned, you can be in the same room as a man with facial hair...maybe...perhaps someday...oh wait, your daddy has facial hair! We'll have to think this through and give you the rules straight-up!

I guess it helps to be holding onto your security blanket

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