Friday, January 01, 2010

Actually...Owen loved Elodie like his own little sister. He played, protected, and encouraged her-he loved her adventuresome attitude!
I have been told that being a Grandparent is three times better than being a parent...hmmm.
Does this Gramma and Grampa look too pleased? Happy? got me! :-)
Julie and I wanted some sister time so we hit the hot tub at the Club while the kids napped. When we got home, Rog had everything under control! What a man!

Is it just me or does Elodie always have something on her face in my pictures??? :-)

All jokes aside, I am so truly thankful, grateful, loveful (is that a word? I was trying to have parallel language...), and... happyful ! that my sister surprised me and my family on this day. Thank you so much for the sacrifice (of plane ticket, getting put on a spending freeze, and flying with a one-year-old) just to see us! We owe you and will find a way to "get you back"!

I hope you are having a great time in the snow and getting Elodie on Skiis! I can't wait to see both our little girls on skiis together!


Seeker said...

Being grandparents is actually SEVEN times better than being parents.... it's a matter of perspective.

jewels said...

I'm not so sure about that...can you guys remember being first time parents? hehe