Monday, September 11, 2006

Owen has been practicing for his three month birthday. He is getting stronger everyday and I am anxious to see him roll over for the first time. He is more animated and laughing outloud so much these days. He blessed me with seven straight hours of sleep last night, and the joys continued when he woke me up with his "talking." He rarely wakes up screaming...he just kind of says, "hey! anyone?". My elation ended when I realized that I was up for good at 4:30 this morning. How could I get mad at a face like this one though? I have had energy and peace all day...God's grace is so mighty! Even though I have not had a Saturday morning or weekday evening to read a book like I used to, I love being a mother. I am blessed in so many ways and my joy grows each day.


MaryM said...

Happy three-month Birthday to Owen!
I loved hearing his voice on the phone.

Seeker said...

Looks like he's puckering up to send gramma a kiss.