Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Hey Gramma! I found my thumb! I thought I forgot it in my crib again, but then I found it and was thoroughly happy! Aren't I 'precious?'"
This last week began tough in that it was my first week of teaching with full days. Owen is making the transition, but this week was harder than the week before. It was me who cried three out of the four days when I left him. I prayed that I was doing the right thing and that daycare was going to work out for him. I feel good about going back to work, but leaving Owen is hard. I was told over and over again that leaving him would be tough...I didn't know until I had to walk away. I wanted to know he was going to grow, be loved and cared for, be taught new things, get to interact with others and socialize...By the end of the week I felt very good about where we have placed our trust. I pray also that the one who cares for my baby is full of love and a good heart. Will it always be like this? Will I always wonder if I am doing the "right thing" for Owen? Yes...but we place our trust in daycares, schools, teachers, friends, and family for the times we can't be with our little ones. We were all children once at one time...weren't we? Roger and I turned out just fine, didn't we? :-)

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MaryM said...

If I remember correctly, Owen's Mommy was raised by her siblings. And they sure did a goo job!!