Sunday, August 13, 2006

"To celebrate my two month birthday this weekend, Mom and Dad hit the town! Friday they went to the Twins game--true to form they got there late and left early. It's baseball and the twins were not too hot this weekend! I dressed for the occasion and cheered until Great Gramma made me go to bed. She was a great babysitter-we sang and rocked and got to bed on time!
Saturday during the day I went with Mom to a Pony Club camp to teach a bit about Tetrathlon. After a nap or two then, Mom and Dad headed out to a wedding...without me! Granny Nanny and I played and sang all night long! Or at least until they came and got me around 11:00pm! Granny nanny sure is fun!"


MaryM said...

Owen certainly has some wonderful grammas! (Love the baseball look.)

Seeker said...

"We're gonna win, Twins!
We're gonna score...." (etc)

Owen didn't get to go to the game? What a gyp!