Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One of my favorite times with Owen is the hour after he eats. He's well-rested, full, and may even expell some pent-up gas, so he is usually very happy and lively. He smiles and giggles, and it seems he realizes that he has not a care in the world! Today he was hanging out in his room on his bee blanket that Harriet (the neighbor) made for him-happy as a clam. I decided he needed to learn the art of self-inflicted pictures. Here we are...just hangin' out; baby and me! I thought I'd try something new today to get him to sleep after this fun time we had together (after that hour...he's all fuss cuz he gets so tired!). I lay him in his crib, and of course he didn't like it, but then...I vacuumed his room. He loved it and was out in 2 minutes. So, we are finding...the louder and the bumpier the better! The next trick we tried was a drive to SA so "mom" could get some gummy bears. He was out by the time we made the two mile drive. Another mile is the library so I crept in and checked out a book about sleep...I'm learning tons already!
Right now Owen and I are hanging out at the computer. This afternoon it set in that these fun times are coming to a near end when I go back to work in three weeks. Yes, we'll still have our moments, but time will go too fast to have too many like this. I guess just staring at him as he wonders at the world about him is how I should spend some of these precious moments. gotta go!


Seeker said...

Enjoy every minute!

MaryM said...

Thanks for the pictures and updates so we can all do some "staring" at him!

Emmy said...

Gramma was up at 4:55am???? What's up with that? You're not feeding a baby, are you? heehee