Monday, August 14, 2006

"Hey! Look at me!" We found out today that Owen has offiicially doubled in size. Okay, maybe not height but he's filled in all that skin! He is 13.7 pounds and is 23 inches tall! "Tall and slender" sure runs in our little family! :-) It's amazing to think he was so tiny. I hold him now and wonder what kind of man he will be. He may never really know how I loved to hold him and talk to him and tell him how much I love him. Yes, it seems he knows when I'm around--either the recognition of my voice or the "feeling" that it's time to eat. Therefore, I get either his smiles or his cries, but I know there will be a time when he won't let me near, even if it is his cries, I love to hold him and snuggle next to his soft little cheeks and hold his tiny hands that grip so hard. My mom gave me a little book and I've just recently set it on the table beside my glider. Today I read about contentment. With the peace of God, frustration and discontentment are smoothed. God gives us strength for this moment-one moment at a time. Each new moment is another precious opportunity to go to Him for that divine peace. Why oh why do I put off my meetings with Him?

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