Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I was a lucky girl to have my gramma mimi to visit and get to know. We loved that she always had gum on hand and marshmallow peeps in the drawer of the hutch in her dining room (she still does!) She took us camping and on road trips and taught us all the capital cities in the U.S....okay, so I don't remember them all now, but she tried! She let us go skinny dipping and play dress up in her old clothes. She taught us how to pinch a penny...and she still can pinch them harder than anyone I know! She's generous with her time and loves having company, even though she'll spend half their visit cooking them meals in her sweltering kitchen! She's been excited and willing to look after Owen the few times I asked, and I am glad that she is close to me now because my little boy is going to know why I love her so much!
Roger, too, was a lucky boy--both sets of his grandparents lived very close and showered him with love as well. Grandparents are a gift from God...a blessing to us all who have the joy of being spoiled by them!
Owen's smiles are so worth any trip! I can't wait for him to smile at gramma mama and grampa phil the way he does with me every day and the way he did tonight. He'll never be short on love, that's for sure!


MaryM said...

Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil can't wait for their turn for hugs and kisses!

Seeker said...

I think I see a little bit of Gruncle Chet in that smile (smirk?)...
Have fun at Camp Larsen.