Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time with family

I started this post with my phone and wanted to say so much more than we see in photos, but I have not had an ounce of time and.....
the voice to text option on my phone is not working at the moment!  ugh!
I just was hoping to keep up with my growing little boy and not let him feel neglected in the area of photos or in the blog or in the story of who he is in our lives...
I don't want life to just happen around him.
He is a great joy in our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and not just to us...gramma mimi likes to call him her little buddy.
He reaches for her, cuddles with her, smiles at her...
And, to make his grandma jealous, Graunt Paula had to get a 
few photos with the little guy and send them her way!  
It was only a day or two after her 95th Birthday that Gramma Mae went to live in a nursing home.  She sure has changed, but she still loves babies!
Owen reached for her as well, but she wasn't strong enough to hold him.
So, they just enjoyed a few cookies together! :-)
Nanny and Poppa Steve celebrated their 40 years together
and so we got to party!
A wonderful time together!
 Little Steve...
Auntie Emmy, Xavi, and Nico came for a visit!
Gabby loved that Emmy loves to read stories...
she took it all in!
We miss them so much, but hopefully 
we will be together, having fun, again soon!
 One of our favorite traditions:
the pumpkin patch!
And, the adventure is not complete without the corn pit!
Liam loved it!
And...he didn't try eating too much! 
 And then there is our newest addition:  a nephew from Lori!
Already a Packer fan!
We cannot WAIT to meet him so very soon!

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Beautiful BlogSpot!
This journal with pictures is a treasure for the whole family to enjoy. Keep posting!

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