Friday, November 15, 2013

My baby...

My 7 year old is learning to write friendly letters in school, and to practice, the students write notes to their friends.  Owen has gotten 3 letters from friends and two of them say he is their best friend. I think this is why he said to me one day, "Mom, I don't know who my best friend is."
I thought about it and told him that was okay because our friends will change over time.
Owen is not one to get all gushy and say, "I love you" but I think he knows what love is.
I think this because what he said in response to me was so profound.
He said, "I just know that I like Liam more than any of my friends at school."
Matter of fact.
How could you not love this face?
I smile.

Gabby, on the other hand, is a tough nut to crack, but when she does...
You'd better be ready for it and you'd better respond!
Just the other day she said to me, "Mom, I have a secret for you."
I said, "what is it?"
She whispered, "I love you!"
To know you say it, express it, give it...
To each his own...
Liam, my love, is just starting to experiment with his voice...a bit more.
Different sounds.  Different pitches.  Different volumes...
Random whoops, screams, yelps, cries, babbles, and of course,
Dada more often than Momma...
which I only hear in the middle of the night out of desperation...
But my love, my heart, has grown...yet again.
tripled in size.
He giggles and smiles.
He snuggles and hugs--like none other.
He reaches and plays.
He nods his head and responds to questions.
He waves bye-bye and night-night.
He crawls and climbs and steps all around 
(not quite walking on his own)...
He is number three...
no less precious, no less loved, no less...
ok, maybe a bit less spoiled
But that's ok.  He'll be happier that way!

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Jeanne Wright said...

I am sooo glad we finally got to meet your little cutie!! He is gonna be a heart breaker for sure!! Sooo adorable!!