Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My smiley boy!

Gabby is getting the hang of taking pictures with my phone. She even caught Liam smiling this time!

And this time!

I think I'm finally getting a hang of this mom thing. Maybe I'm a slow learner... But perhaps I would have enjoyed Owen as a baby more had I been a bit more of what I am now.
How is that possible?

I am now doubting that Owen was so tough. And I'm toying with the idea that I just didn't know what I was doing! Mind you, these are tiny doubts. I have plenty of witnesses of Owens difficult-ness.

Did I just invent a word? 
Maybe Liam really is just that easy. He hangs out. He smiles. All the time!…

Except for when he's upset at 3 o'clock in the morning and screams for an hour like last night. But I made a deal with him, I'll let him do that once or twice a year... As long as he keeps on being so sweet, innocent, goofy, :-), positive, and a shining light in our lives. He is my extrovert. He's my "the glass is half-full" kid.

My kids have all brought me much happiness. 
But I have also felt the pinch of the small trials that come with small children. In the last nine months I have heard from two separate people on two separate occasions to enjoy my children. To enjoy this time because small children bring small problems and big children bring big problems. I can imagine, but I do not know, what those problems or trials will be.

But what can I say? 
God is good… All the time. 
I pray I cling to that. I pray I can have grace in these tiny moments so that when the big ones come, I can be somewhat prepared. To those who have gone before me… Those who have big children with big problems, thank you for paving the way and showing me what Grace can look like.

This being a mom thing lasts forever...doesn't it?

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Miki Yap said...

this is so nice. :D i want to be a mom someday too. :D God bless you!