Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Camp...Feels like a long time ago!

Ok, so it was!
I started this post oh so long ago and figured it still needs to be shared
and put in here as a great event!
Cousin time!
Elodie from CO, Xavi & Nico from CA...
my MN kids:
Relaxing with Grampa!
Relaxing?  What's that?
Since Nico has such dark skin, and Liam...does not...
Their nick-names are "Peanut Butter Cup (#2)" and "Marshmallow cream"
I wonder how they'll feel about that one day...
 Days were good, but nights were tough...
all 5 of us sleeping in the same room?
The best part was finally seeing the sun was up and we could go get coffee...
 Gramma Momma tried so hard to help us out.
She'd stroller our early-waking babies so we could shower,
take care of other little ones, or
so the little babes could fall back asleep 
because it is so tough being a munchkin.
Gabby and I got some one-on-one time...just a little.
Probably not enough...
Pontoon rides were fun...

especially when I let Owen and Elodie 
jump off the side and swim in the lake.

 ...Talk about glowing skin!

And then I risked my life doing teh zip line!
Not really life-threatening, 
but I did have visions of my children being raised by Roger 
after my untimely fall from this line:...

One of the biggest battles was...
doing elodie's hair!
But she wanted a braid like the big girls!

Flag raising...
Mom signed us up and Bill led us in singing 
Happy Birthday to our country on July 4th...
hence our matching outfits:

Fishing brought in BIG gains!
(not fish, mind you...)

Everyone got to try...

And the things that were learned!!!

And the people we got to see...
and be loved by!

And the new toys to explore!

And the cousin time had...usually early mornings were the best!

Like I said...not too big

But just enough!
We look forward to many more family camp experiences to come!

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