Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Liam was up on all fours by 51/2 months and 
was crawling before we left for Family camp at 61/2 months.
The kids love watching him grow and develop!
Liam looks at Roger like he is the greatest person ever
and Roger just eats it up!
Roger just has to cough in another room
and Liam gets distracted from what he's supposed to be doing
(usually eating...)
and looks for him...

The cracks Roger up!
And makes me smile too.
We did a week of VBS with the LuLu girls...
They too ate up his smiles.

Owen had his end of the "season" baseball tournament.
So fun!

I got a kick out of his catcher's stance...
you can tell he hates it when his turn is up to try on the gear!

But he'll deal and go along with it.
This summer Liam also was so intrigued watching us eat.
I'd give him something to chew and he can pick things up...
so, we started big boy food!
He's not the best at it yet, but it's a start!

So much to see!
So much to hear!
So much to experience!
So much to take in!
He amazes me everyday in all he does,
all he wants to do,
and all he learns...each day!

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