Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last days of FL vacation!

There were problems with this upload from my phone 
so I had to wait til I could edit here...
Here are the last of the Florida pics!
We made sure to have a good breakfast our last day there 
because we were headed to the beach!
Now this was not my idea...too much work
all by myself...Owen suggested it and I knew the boys would love it.
we loaded up, headed out, and had a blast!
We often make our children do things that don't sound like fun,
but perhaps they do the same to us.

And in the's worth it!
Owen made a friend immediately and had quite the adventure.
Liam crawled around on the blanket
under the umbrella while I relaxed.

But his favorite was the water and waves!
He'd pat the water and put his hands in his mouth.
Salty! And he liked it!
He fell asleep while I was holding him in the water;
must have been the motion and sound of waves.
It also must have been the reflection of the water
that caused his face to turn pink!
My poor little guy!
But the next day the pink-ness had mostly subsided
and we were off for Wisconsin!
Once again my little travelers did better than I did
and Owen had to remind me to relax and stop stressing.
We made our connection (barely) and got back in good time.

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