Monday, September 09, 2013

Back to school!

I better catch up!...and keep up!
This little girl starts pre-school tomorrow!
She is so ready!  I am so ready!!!!!
I smile.
My little princess, my little reader, my little sweetie pie who is so capable and independent!
Yep, this is the same out world!  Here she comes!

He only let me take pictures at home.
When we got to the bus, he told me not to get out of the car.
And definitely no pictures at the bus stop!
And, same story, this year is way better than last year!
"Second grade is much better than First grade!"
And each day has gotten better!
His teacher asked me for information to help her get to know Owen.
I can't help but tell her how sensitive and nurturing he is.
According to the world, he may seem weak, but I think he is quite strong.
He takes his responsibility as big brother seriously,
and never complains when I ask for help with Liam.
So, when it comes to football, am I surprised that he may not be the toughest kid?
#3 by Coach Dad...He loves football, but we may need to train him to be QB...

Furthest to the left...he's running in the right direction...
he knows strategy...
Sigh...he loves it and we've got time.

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