Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And they make me laugh...

I know I am relaxed when I laugh as much as I did today.
Gabby and Owen are such good friends that they make up games, wrestle, sing songs, and just entertain one another like champs!  Today in the car Gabby was singing, as usual, but then they added their joke of "slow motion" to their song.  It was hilarious! 
So, at dinner I asked them to sing it for me again so I could video tape.
Gabby gets a bit distracted and Owen doesn't realize what she's doing...

don't worry...I made Gabby eat all of her beans and Owen too!

And then there were two!
Beds, that is!

I asked Grampa about the bunkbeds that I slept in 25 years ago.
So, he pulled them out of the rafters in the barn, cleaned them up, and brought them up this week!
We got them set up and the kids were so excited!
So fun...

They were so excited, I didn't think they'd sleep...
but, they were all snuggled in by 8:30, just a little later than normal!
I even told them how my mom used to read stories to us when we were little.
We all climbed on the bottom bunk and read together.
Owen asked about my other two sisters (since there are only two kids in this family)...
he asked, "Where did they sit?"
What a thinker!
As far as I remember, whoever wanted to be read to 
lay down on the bottom or crowded around Mom 
as she read Tom Sawyer or The Swiss Family Robinson.  
I hope to make memories like that with my little ones!
This bed is definitely going to be one of those great memories 
for them to talk about for years!

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The Canadian said...

Love the song and the bean sharing!! ha ha ha!!