Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun with Water!

 At 6-months old Owen started daycare with his little friend Annie.
She has been in love with him for years!
We had a playdate last week because it is time to say good-bye...
Annie and her family sold their home and are moving to FL August 1st.
Sweet memories!
 And this week...
We started swimming lessons at the outdoor pool!
 Last year I had to swim with Gabby in her lessons and Owen cried about his teacher making him get his face wet.
This year...we are all smiles and full of new-found independence!

 This morning Gabby asked at least 20 times when swimming lessons were and if we could go yet.
When we got there she kept asking where her teacher was and if she could get in yet...
 You see, Owen's class is on the other side of the pool and starts 20 minutes before Gabby's class.
So she has to wait...
What a good little student!!
She doesn't even look over at me for approval after every task...
you see, that is one more difference between my sweet children:
Owen needs constant approval and looks for my constant attention.
Gabby is just happy to do what she's doing and looks over every once in awhile to wave.

 She has announced to me though, that she did not do a bob yet.
Soon and very soon!
 On the note about Owen looking to me for my attention and approval,
Today he told me that he could see me from all the way over on the other side of the pool.
So he still looks to see that I am watching!  :-)

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