Thursday, August 02, 2012

We passed!

 I know I've written about Owen's "relationship" with 
swimming and water...
I don't even think he passed his class a year ago,
 No fear and no worries this year!
OK, so I guess he could be a bit bolder on the diving board-
 but I can wait for that to come on its own!
All week he was talking about going down the HUGE slide!
And, he told me tonight about how you go faster if you are on your back; 
you go slow on your butt
And then it was Gabby's turn...
I knew she didn't want to do it...
 So when she got all strapped in,
just the slightest bit of apprehension set in...
 And then the tears set in...
 Oh she didn't want to do it...
but she hung in there, climbed up by herself, let her teacher walk her...
 ok, so she got dropped in but I was so proud of her for not balking!
 So the diving board was not on the checklist...
but in the end, both passed their levels!
Owen has been on this kick about what he is able to do and what Gabby is 
not able to do.
I am annoyed...only because if  he only knew that she is already doing things he did not do until he was 5!
No, I won't compare.  Never.
And don't worry.
I don't tell him about any specific examples 
(walking, riding a bike, buckling/unbuckling seat belt, etc...) but I do tell him to consider her age and let  her learn things at her pace.
She is not less.  She is younger.  :-)
Competition...will it always be?

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