Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun...June

 June flew right out from under me...literally stolen,
but life...ahhh, life it is.
My little boy turned 6!
Now that he is 6, will he stay 6 forever and ever?
 Nah...he has to keep up with Sister!
And, he likes celebrating his birthday way too much 
to not have another one!
I believe this birthday lasted for literally 2 weeks!
 Party at school, party with friends,
party ON birthday, party with family,
and on and on and on!
 And when the dust settled,
we found other loves and
took in summer!

 Gabby loves babies,
Owen loves water!
 Cookies anyone?
 Finger-lickin' good!
 Friends coming over...

 Popsicle is the best on summer days!
I guess I take it back...nothing was stolen from me.
I am blessed.
Even when life seems ugly, bad, and then gets worse,
there is always hope.
God has truly blessed us with a tomorrow almost every day of our lives.
And then when we think there is no tomorrow
we have eternity with our creator.
I know some people think I am wrong,
but I'd much rather live my life believing 
than live my life without this hope and all that comes with knowing Jesus!

Literally knowing...and not just using him for peace!

Although peace in tough times is a wonderful thing...

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