Friday, February 03, 2012

Another First...

 He'd been wiggling it for quite some time.
When he smiled, his tooth was in the wrong place.  
It was about to come out.
I took a closer look, and there were his big teeth!
The big teeth are already growing behind his baby ones!
Yep, it was time:

 First Lost Tooth!  Bottom left...can you see it?
He lost it at school.
He told me he lost it in class.
He told his dad he lost it when in the gym.
Who knows.
I think it was in the gym because he was sent to the nurse to get a tooth box.
They tied it around his neck, and when his teacher came to get the class,
he was able to tell her all about it.

 No new first for Gabby...just a funny girl.
Since it's not freezing and feels quite balmy for February,
she wanted the window down.
She quite insisted.  No complaints.
She just observed. Stared. Enjoyed the pleasant 34 degree breeze.
I smile.

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MaryM said...

You have Minnesota kids! They thrive in the cold weather and fresh air. Enjoy.